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Chucky Season 1 Episode 7

Chucky Season 1 Episode 7

As Hackensack reels from Chucky’s relentless–but secret–reign of terror, the Mayor tries to allay fears by cluelessly arresting an innocent suspect. Meanwhile, the kids desperately try to figure out Chucky’s mysterious endgame–before it’s too late.

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Chucky Season 1 Episode 7 Soap2Day Review

One Chucky Season 1 Episode 7 episode is worth ten in its genre, I don\\\\\\\'t know why I put off watching this amazing life story for so long.

I looked through all the new releases of 2019, and this series was a real discovery for me, the lively and realistic acting of the cast did its job.

Views: 24

Serie: Chucky

Episode Title: Twice the Grieving, Double the Loss

Air Date: 2021-11-23

Year: 2021