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Horror Noire

Horror Noire

Following Shudder’s acclaimed 2019 documentary “Horror Noire: A History of Black Horror,” this anthology film presents six short horror stories from black writers and directors, showcasing both established and emerging talent. The six segments are titled “Daddy,” “Bride Before You,” “Brand of Evil,” “The Lake,” “Sundown,” and “Fugue State.”

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Horror Noire review by Soap2Day

153 minutes, like a lifetime, for the charismatic characters of the action-packed film Horror Noire Soap2Day, which takes you into a world of incredible stories and adventures.

The film is a must-see for all lovers of the genre Horror, it is so fascinating and catchy that until the very end the viewer sits as if spellbound.

In 2021, another masterpiece of the famous director was released, the film is so unique and inimitable that you want to review it several times.

Another work of Director X., Joe West, Kimani Ray Smith, Rob J. Greenlea, Robin Givens, Zandashé Brown, and another sensation in the world of cinema, a chic film with an unusual storyline, which is crowned by an unexpected ending.

The next roles for Brandon Mychal Smith, Lenora Crichlow, Lesley-Ann Brandt, Malcolm Barrett, Nathaniel Logan McIntyre, Rachel True, Samuel Taylor, Sean Patrick Thomas, Tijuan Mosley, Tony Todd have become truly iconic, in this film their professionalism has reached a completely new level of quality.