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Transplant Soap2Day

Dr. Bashir Hamed, a Syrian doctor with battle-tested skills in emergency medicine, makes the difficult decision to flee his country and build a new life in Canada with his younger sister Amira. Bash works to navigate a new environment after earning a coveted residency in the Emergency Department of one of the best hospitals in Toronto, York Memorial.

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Transplant Soap2Day review

Transplant Soap2Day is a special series for me, it is very dynamic and full of plot twists, I love it when events develop rapidly.

I watched all the 1 of the season with true admiration, such a masterful acting game of actors is now extremely rare in the universe of television series.

It was not for nothing that the director filmed the 13 episode of this dynamic series, it took the viewer so much time to fall in love with all the heroes of the story.

2020 became a landmark for me, it was at this time that the series first appeared on the screens, which will forever remain one of the most beloved in its genre.

In the genre of Drama, I reviewed a large number of TV series, among which this one I remember most of all, the director`s work is worthy of attention.

Masterfully thought out plot details, give out the Joseph Kay signature style, he set an incredibly high creative bar in this series.

CTV, NBCUniversal International Studios, Sphère Média Plus worked this time in its best traditions, the series captures the viewer`s attention from the first minutes, involving it in an exciting narrative.

Ayisha Issa, Hamza Haq, Jim Watson, John Hannah, Kenny Wong, Laurence Leboeuf, Linda E. Smith, Sugith Varughese were the perfect find for the series, they were flawless in their roles, placing a clear emphasis on the complex nature of the main characters.

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TV Status: Returning Series

Duration: 43 min



TMDb: 6.4


Starring: Ayisha Issa, Hamza Haq, Jim Watson, John Hannah, Kenny Wong, Laurence Leboeuf, Linda E. Smith, Matthew MacFadzean, Sirena Gulamgaus, Sugith Varughese,

What is the average time of a one episode of "Transplant"?
One episode goes 43 minutes.
In what genre is the TV show "Transplant"?
The TV show belongs to the following genres: Drama.
Which TV network produced the "Transplant"?
This TV show was created by CTV.
What is the user ratings for "Transplant"?
At the moment, TMDB the rating of the tv show is 6.4.
What is the status of this TV show at the moment?
Right now, the series has the status: Returning Series.
In what year was the "Transplant" premiere?
The first episodes were released in 2020.